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About relaxation and meditation

Relaxation and meditation

Why do we actually need relaxation?

In my work as a social educator, I constantly come into contact with people in crisis situations, life crises, and states of stress and feeling overwhelmed. And when the key word relaxationis mentioned during the consultation, it is usually the word and idea with which people in such situations can deal with the least even though they know exactly how urgently they need relaxation in situations of this nature!

Ive forgotten how to do it…”, I have no idea how to going about it. Or: Oh, Ive never been able to do that anyway…”

Those are all typical answers.

How is relaxation achieved? Can it be learned? Does it really have to be learned so artificially? Is it not something that we can just do?

Yes, it can be learned. Relaxation is something that must be learned!

But relaxation requires its space and its rituals. The ritual of: Taking time for relaxationis important for creating an inner calm and re-establishing an inner balance; it is important company through everyday life and it strengthens the soul, the consciousness and the body.

I notice repeatedly that people in our western world seem to have lost sight of their consciousness, and how essential psychological and physical regeneration is for a functioning and healthy management of our daily lives. If body and soul have no room for relaxation, calm or energising moments, this can place a severe strain on the life energy and in the long term is not only physically and psychologically exhausting, but can also make you ill (burnout, psychosomatic complaints, depression, etc.).

Learn to recognise your need for calm and sources of strength in life

Take seriously your need for relaxation in hectic everyday life

Deliberately make time on a number of occasions during the week for your own health

Meditation, carried out over many years, increases quality of life and visibly reduces complaints.

It is time to rediscover relaxation!


(Franziska Diesmann)





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