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Welcome to SyncSouls


SyncSouls is a relaxation label based in Hamburg. Since 2010 we have been developing, producing and selling audio books and music for relaxation and counselling.


The SyncSouls Deep Relax Sound module, as we call our audio books and albums, provide new and traditional paths towards more calm, balance and health. With a catalogue of more than 100 titles, SyncSouls now covers a broad spectrum of areas of application. Depending on your goals, they contain relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, relaxation music, meditation, guided imagery programs or elements of Zen.


With more than 10 No. 1 placements in the iTunes non-fiction audio book charts, as top placements with, amazon and, the Deep Relax Sound modules by SyncSouls are now a fixed part of many iPhones, smartphones and computers.


SyncSouls is an abbreviation of Synchronised Souls and means: souls in harmony, or body, soul and spirit are synchronised and reconciled. SyncSouls is a relaxation label. Since 2010 we have been developing, producing and selling audio books and music for relaxation, health and counselling. With a catalogue of more than 80 titles, SyncSouls covers a broad spectrum: from autogenic training and relaxation music to meditation, guided imagery programs, and Zen. The aim of SyncSouls is to provide treatment strategies and long-term healing to people who are stressed, by means of music, text and exercise.


In cooperation with well-known authors, healers, therapists, counsellors, psychologists, education workers and musicians from the spiritual scene and alternative medicine, SyncSouls has developed a catalogue that is unique, and which will help people in a previously unknown manner.




SyncSouls is based in Hamburg / Germany



SyncSouls are:

    Torsten Abrolat, owner of SyncSouls, has many years of professional experience in media technology and music production. For 5 years he has been conducting research in the field of spirituality and counselling, and has developed audio-visual productions comprising music, text, images, software and hardware.




Toni Cottura is a former label owner and founder of a successful record company. Toni encountered the Asian martial arts and their spiritual philosophy at the young age of 12. By the age of 22, he had achieved numerous teaching grades in various different martial arts. He founded a sports school in Hamburg, in which he himself taught martial arts and Tai Jujitsu. Since that time, Toni Cottura has been interested in meditation and spirituality. He injects his many years of experience from various areas into the SyncSouls projects.



SyncSouls Autoren und das erweiterte Team


Franziska Diesmann Diesmann studied social education in 1995 at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda. Following completion of her degree as a certified social pedagogue, she was occupied in many areas of social work and has worked since 2001 with blind people and those with visual impairments. She has conducted relaxation courses for many years. In 2010 she qualified in the field of mediation (conflict resolution/conflict management), and since then works in addition as a mediator. She also conducts courses in autogenic training and relaxation training for children.


For SyncSouls, Ms Diesmann writes and reads meditations and relaxation texts. Her areas of speciality are relaxation techniques, guided meditation programs and affirmation.




SyncSouls commissions

In addition to our own productions, SyncSouls also carries out commissions for professional audio books and video documentation of the highest quality. You are welcome to contact us for more information.
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"Music comes closest to meditation."



(indischer Philosophieprofessor)



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