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Relaxing music


Music to relax from SyncSouls

Music arouses emotions, both positive and negative. Naturally, music is also a matter of taste. In the field of relaxation, meditation and stress management, we see music on the one hand as deeply effective, but at the same time as “listenable”. We rely on proven relaxation methods from the field of music theory and create, with great devotion, melodious, contemporary compositions.



Best sound for relaxation

We place great value on the sound quality. Especially when listening to and using relaxation audio books, it is important to integrate you, the listener, into a pleasant and melodious atmosphere, so that you are not distracted by poor quality or a piercing sound, or even disturbed by an “annoying racket”.


In nearly all of our relaxation audio books you can choose between a male and a female speaker’s voice. Some find it easier to relax with a deeper male voice, while others are inspired by a calm female tone of voice.


For each of our Deep Relax Sound modules, the music and atmospheres have been produced and composed with great care by Torsten Abrolat. The introduction lead by a soft piano is drawing the listener out of daily life. This is followed by pleasant sound textures and soundscapes, often accompanied by a harp, the SyncSouls logo, and an acoustic guitar, which will guide you into and help maintain a state of deep relaxation.


With a benefit of many years of experience in professional music production and our competent experts from the world of relaxation, albums and audiobooks are created providing a beneficial effect at a multitude of levels and are sure to help you relax. Give it a try.



Music for healthy sleep

falling asleep more easily, sleeping through the night, deep sleep, special relaxing music


wake phase - relax and calm down
arrived at the seaside: let loose, snoozing, falling asleep
falling asleep and sleep healthy - the 36 minutes phase
deep sleep - 20 minutes crashing waves and soothing sounds
far away: calm rhythms and sounds - at full moon on the beach of Hawaii


Length 132 min.| Download | English Version - release date: 22.09.2014


  Music for healthy sleep
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Relaxation music

Soothing sounds for relaxation, recreation, meditation, Autogeic Training, Progressive Muscelrelaxation, Yoga.


With this unique compilation SyncSouls offers a wide variety of sounds for your daily healing, relaxation moments and a calm end of your day.

You will listen to relaxation music piano & ocean waves, music for concentration and recreation, deep relaxation with Om...

We wish much pleasure with 25 select...


Length 255 min.| Download | English Version - release date: 16.05.2014


  Relaxation music
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North Sea Relaxation

sound of the sea, piano, crushing waves, seagulls, sounds to calm down and relax


The North Sea in the morning - a calm start of the day at the beach
On a white endless beach
Go west - relaxing on the dike
walk across the mudflats - along tideways and over silt
North Sea waves over small cordgrass
My island - arrive and relax
A North Sea stroll on the beach


Length 132 min.| Download | English Version - release date: 22.06.2014


  North Sea Relaxation
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Yoga Music

healing music for yoga practice, body and mind, good energy, relaxed atmosphere & meditation


19 selected tracks for your daily yoga session:
1. Sun Salutation 1 - Yoga music & the sun salute
2. Sun Salutation 2 - Yoga music & the sun salute
3. Yoga Music & Zen Sounds
4. Indian Temple Feeling
5. Yoga Music & crushing waves - healing sounds
6. Deep in Tibet - be one with your body
7. ...


Length 132 min.| Download | English Version - release date: 22.06.2015


  Yoga Music
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Music comes closest to Meditation.




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