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Progessive muscle relaxation


Progressive muscle relaxation, as developed by Jacobson, is a highly effective method that has been verified by clinical studies and which can be applied in cases of physical and emotional distress and agitation, stress, palpitations, perspiration, trembling, headaches, arterial hypertension (high blood pressure), muscle tension, postural defects, backaches, gastrointestinal illnesses and sleep disorders. PMR is also frequently used to combat anxiety, in parallel with behavioural therapy.


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SyncSouls offers the complete

Exercise: Progressive Muscle Relaxation Body region: hands and arms
(well applicable in case of increased desk work)

from the audiobook Progressive Muscle Relaxation as MP3 download file for free.


It is used frequently already on our YouTube-chanel.

Download here -> Your Progressive Muscle Relaxation MP3 for free.


Relaxation and Harmony

Progressive Muscle Relaxation - PMR


The progressive muscle relaxation, also knows as PMR, is a relaxation technique, devolped by the US american physician Edmund Jacobson (1888-1983). Hesdiscovered, as a result of his scientific studies, that this relaxation technique could be salutary for many phsychomatic diseases and may also be a method to reduce str...


Length 75 min.| Download | English Version - release date: 07.07.2013 | ! BESTSELLER !


  Relaxation and Harmony
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Falling asleep easily

get deep sleep with a guided imagery program by the sea and the progressive muscle relaxation


You find no way into sleep? Your body is restless? Your thoughts cicle around constantly after you closed your eyes?
To fall asleep more easily SyncSouls developed a combination of a short guided imagery program - a relaxing picture - and an approved relaxation method - the progressive muscle relaxation. This audio...


Length 38 min.| Download | English Version - release date: 21.11.2014


  Falling asleep easily
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Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Autogenic Training (P&A Method)

highly effective & sustainable deep relaxation


With this unique combination of two appreciative relaxation techniques you can come to peace and balance effectively in a wide variety of life situations.
The areas of application of the progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) and the autogenic training cover stress-conditioned and complaints accompanying with emotiona...


Length 68 min.| Download | English Version - release date: 21.11.2014


  Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Autogenic Training (P&A Method)
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