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Fantasytravels / Guided imagery programs


Guided imagery programs are just one of many effective methods or modules to treat stress, trauma and exhaustion. They are used to treat chronic physical illnesses as well as psychological suffering, e.g. as a part of psychotherapy.


In the treatment of psychosomatic diseases, asthma, skin disorders, migraines or pain, guided imagery programs are used to support the healing process.


Relaxation "Sea"

Dreamlike Fantasy Travels and Autogenic Training - walking on the beach, under water, with the bicycle


Ease and regenerate at the sea. The sea and the beach release thoughts - imagination - in us like joy, freedom, ease as well as purity and freshness. This imagination promotes a salutary strength to us. The focus on our own curativeness by strengthening pictures in fantasy travels can stabilize our emotional and mental...


Length 175 min.| Download | English Version - release date: 21.11.2014


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Sleep on the Plane and on Travels

With a Fantasy Travel, Autosuggestion, Sound of the Sea, Relaxation Music - Extra Long Playtime


You want to fall asleep comfortably on a plane or on a longer journey? You want to glide over into a pleasing slumber? Then put on your headphones and start: "Sleep on the Plane and on Travels".
You will be taken away to a wonderfull palmbeach. A soothing deep voice guides you through an imagary program - using for...


Length 149 min.| Download | English Version - release date: 27.11.2014


  Sleep on the Plane and on Travels
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Finally Falling Asleep & Get Deep Sleep

with a fantasy travel, Progressive Muscle Relaxation & Autogenic Training (P&A Method)


Beat insomnia! You have a hard time falling asleep? You have no peace of mind? You toss and turn endlessly?
Syncsouls developed "Finally Falling asleep & Get Deep Sleep" (made in Germany and several times No. 1 in the iTunes non fiction charts Germany/Austria and top 30 in the audible non fiction charts in Germany)...


Length 43 min.| Download | English Version - release date: 25.11.2015


  Finally Falling Asleep & Get Deep Sleep
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