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Are you ready for relaxation? With the Deep Relax Sound modules by SyncSouls you can take deeply relaxing breaks from everyday life to improve your health.


Best sound to relax and for your health

With over 15 No. 1 rankings in the iTunes non-fiction audiobook charts (Germany, Cananda, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, New Zeeland) and top rankings at Audible, Thalia and Amazon, SyncSouls' Deep Relax Sound Modules are now an integral part of many iPhones, smartphones and computers.


Syncsouls Online Sores


Relaxation and vitality for your health

With SyncSouls you can find guided meditations, audio books on the topics of relaxation and energy, sounds for regeneration, wellness, and relaxation techniques such as Progressive Muscle Relaxation as developed by Jacobson and autogenic training for children and adults. SyncSouls also offers newly developed relaxation techniques for use during burnout or exam anxiety. Guided imagery programs with SyncSouls for young and mature empowers you with new energy and enhanced calm. Well-composed relaxation music builds the background to our titles, to help beat stress and improve your health. We provide wellness music CDs and Albums for download.


SyncSouls brings relaxation and vitality into your everyday life.


New at SyncSouls



Workout Motivation

Lofi Affirmations, Meditation, Mental Fitness


For your daily workout: Motivation and Lofi Beats.
Get motivated and focused with our Lofi Affirmations brand new meditative beats.
I've got the power!
Get a boost before your daily workoutroutine or during working out.
This will help you beeing focused, more appreceative and feeling good for the day.<...


Healing Music Against Pain: Soothing Sounds and Frequencies, Pain ReliefHealing Music Against Pain

Soothing Sounds and Frequencies, Pain Relief


Music Album:
1. Healing music against pain, sound massage
2. Healing music against pain, sound massage 432Hz
3. Healing music against pain, sound massage relaxation
4. Healing music against pain, sound massage relieve pain
5. Healing music relieve pain, sound massage
6. Healing music for pain re...

Deep Sleep: falling asleep calmly and sleep restfully with autogenic training  

Englisch relaxation audiobooks

Since July 2013 SyncSouls also provides relaxing audiobooks in English:


------ "Deep Sleep" in the Top iTunes Audiobook Non-Fiction charts in Australia (peek Nr. 1), New Zeeland, Canada (Nr. 1), Denmark, USA - worldwide -----



New at SyncSouls


Study Music 465Hz: Background Music for Better Learning

Study Music 465Hz: Background Music for Better Learning

Concentration & Focusmusic with Isochronic Tones Alpha-Beta


Isochronic Tones - More Concentration and Brainpower

Isochronic Tones - More Concentration and Brainpower

Better Longer Learning and Inspiration, Deep Sleep & Meditation Sound

New bestseller


Anxiety Relief - SyncSouls AudioPille

Anxiety Relief - SyncSouls AudioPille

Ingredients: Relaxation, Imagination, self calming & breathing technique, 432 Hz music


Soothing Sounds


Yoga Music

Yoga Music

healing music for yoga practice, body and mind, good energy, relaxed atmosphere & meditation





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