Relaxation "Sea"


Dreamlike Fantasy Travels and Autogenic Training - walking on the beach, under water, with the bicycle

English Version - release date: 21.11.2014


Relax and regenerate at the sea. The sea and the beach release thoughts, or imagination, and emotions in us, such as joy, freedom, being at ease as well as purity and freshness. Such imagination fills us with a beneficial strength. Focusing on our own healing power by emphasizing pictures in imaginative journeys can stabilize our emotional and mental balance in everyday life.
SyncSouls developed Relaxation "Sea" as well-composed and tested fantasy travels to beautiful places by the sea (approx. 25 minutes each), drawing on autogenic training formulas. The calm, clear voice and the spatial, gentle sounds will help you to quickly immerse yourself in a state of deep relaxation.
The combination of autogenic training and imaginative journey supports your holistic well-being and particularly activates and promotes your self-healing powers. Your mental resources are tapped, and by immersing yourself in the beautiful pictures of your fantasy you can switch off from your hectic day-to-day life faster and more easily.
Take your own personal journey wherever you are and whenever you want to, for a change, for relaxation and to gain new strength:
1. A beach stroll - an afternoon at my favorite beach;
2. Underwater walk - a fantastically different world experience;
3. With the bicycle to the sea - cycling to the sea on a warm summer's day;
You can also listen to each fantasy travel without words. You only hear nature sounds and soothing relaxation music to each journey.
Enjoy the beautiful pictures, words and sounds of the fantasy travels by SyncSouls, drawing on autogenic training formulas.


Duration 175 min.| Download


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