Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep

falling asleep calmly and sleep restfully with autogenic training

English Version - release date: 28.06.2013


The German iTunes non-fiction bestseller is now available in English,
carefully translated and brilliantly narrated by the pleasing voice of Colin Griffiths-Brown.

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you have no peace of mind? Can you not find a way into deep sleep?

SyncSouls developed "Deep Sleep" (made in Germany) in accordance with the formulas of autogenic training, as developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schulz. It is a conscious, self-influencing method inducing physical and mental relaxation and helping you into a deep and restoring sleep. Your very own consciousness controls this relaxation, supporting the natural reaction of relaxation in your body and increasing your tiredness.

The focus of the exercise is to end your day, to let your thoughts calm down. Selected auto-suggestive autogenic training formulas will lead your body and soul into a pleasant state of calm and relaxation and will let you fall asleep gently.
If you have trouble falling asleep or sleep all through the night, apply "Deep Sleep" consciously as an introduction to a deep and calm sleep, giving you deep relaxation and new strength for the following day.

The nature sounds (crashing waves, a babbling brook) and music are carefully put together based on the latest research in sound design for relaxation purposes. They take effect in a soothing and stimulating way. The pitch is set to the natural standard A of 432 Hz. The organ of Corti is responsible for our sense of balance and oscillates at 128 Hz. The frequency of 128 Hz, its octaves and the resulting natural standard A of 432 Hz are firmly fixed in the human body. Therefore, this music creates a harmonic oscillation within your organism and lets your body relax more and more.
Enjoy the roughly 40-minute guide to deep sleep from SyncSouls based on autogenic training on a regular basis. So that you can have a fresh and rested start to your new day!
by Franziska Diesmann, Torsten Abrolat


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